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Fit from Home 2 - One time purchase

Because you are strong. Because you value yourself. Because you can be even better.

With Fit from Home 2, you will transform from a princess into a queen, full of confidence and determination, believing in yourself in every situation. This 2-month workout program represents a step up in terms of both difficulty and intensity and is suitable for individuals who are physically better prepared.

The program includes pre-recorded guided workouts, consisting of main workouts 4 times a week, additional high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or Tabata workouts, and cardio exercises. It also incorporates a selection of more challenging strength exercises for specific functional movements.

Bodyweight exercises and free weight exercises (dumbbells) in two different weights are included, the positive effects of which are scientifically proven and ensure the burning of stubborn body fat.

The majority of the training consists of compound exercises, engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This allows you to burn more calories, perform exercises for all muscle groups in your body more quickly, and improve coordination, reaction, and body balance. Additionally, it enhances overall muscle tone, aids in injury prevention in other sports, and strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system.

With this workout program, you're not just killing two birds with one stone, but at least four!

Fit from Home 2 optimizes hormones and boosts the action of fat-burning hormones, improves metabolism, reduces appetite, and thereby accelerates fat burning throughout the day.

Furthermore, it includes dietary plans for losing excess body fat and preserving or increasing muscle mass, which represents one of the essential parts of successful weight loss.

Additionally, the program is supported and recommended by orthopedic physician Denis Zorc, which means it has an absolutely favorable impact on your health.

Secure rapid and lasting progress and become more confident!

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